Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hanuman G Ki Aarti

Jai Shree Ram                                                                               Jai Shree Ram

Sing the arati of Lord Hanuman, the destroyer of all that is wicked,
an exalted hero in Sri Ram's sportive play on earth.
His massive power makes even mountains shake. Neither sickness nor
impurities can come close to his devotees.

This son of Mother Anjani is immensely powerful. He always provides help and protection to the good.

Lord Ram entrusted brave Hanuman with the task of finding Sita, for which he jumped to Lanka and burnt the capital.
The impregnable fort of Lanka and the deep moat of the surrounding sea could not hamper his progress. He succeeded in bringing news of Sita.

He burned Lanka, slayed the demons, and completed the work of Lord Ram and Mother Sita.


Aarti Keeje Hanuman Lalaa Ki lyrics

Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki
Dusht dalan raghunath kala ki
Jake bal se girivar kape
Rog dhosh jake nikat na jhake
Anjani putra maha baldai
Santan ke prabhu sada sahai
Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki

De beera raghunath pathaye
Lanka jari siya sudhi laye
Lanka so kot samudar si khai
Jat pawansut dwar na layi
Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki

Lanka jari asur sanhare
Siyaramji ke kaaj shaware
Laxman murchit pade sakare
Aani sanjeevan pran ubare
Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki

Paithi patal tori jam-kare
Aahiravan ki bhuja ukhare
Baye bhuja asurdal mare
Dahine bhuja santjan tare
Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki

Sur nar munijan aarti utare
Jai jai jai hanuman uchare
Kanchan thar kapor lau chayi
Aarti karat anjana mai
Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki

Jo hanuman ji ke aarti gave
Basi baykunth param pad pave
Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki


Aarti keeje hanuman lalaa ki
Dusht dalan raghunath kala ki

Monday, 19 September 2016

Shree Ram Photos And Videos

Here is the complete PDF version of Ramayana in English. The version of Ramayana I posted nearly a year ago was a shorter more popular edition. This one here is a translation of the entire scripture directly from the original Sanskrit versions. Like The Mahabharata, Ramayana is an ancient epic tale, that not only is a cornerstone for eastern cultures but also serve as spiritual foundations for several religions.

Ram Photos

i want ramayam and geeta in hindi language plz send in my email my email is or send a direct link for download the ramayan and geeta plz

Hello , please I need help in downloading the tulsi Ramayana on my I pad . I have tried the download tab , unfortunately it will only allow me read on line

Please send me both detailed Ramayana and Mahabaratha in english to my mail id. Thank you.

We do not send books pr. mail, please use the download link and save the e-books to your computer.

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Hearty congratulations for the pains-taking and remarkable job done, with the noble intention of making the great epic Srimad Ramayana available in PDF format to the posterity….Satya

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